Monday, July 28, 2014

Leading Fron Behind

Leading is hard.  It is tough to be the one that makes decisions, to potentially be wrong, to do what is right, to set a tone, to be responsible, to deliver results, to influence others, and to deliver outcomes.  But in our current administration, we have none of that.  Our dearth of leadership is beyond gaping - it is a chasm that hasn't been seen in this country since pre-World War One.  

The world is completely falling apart before our eyes.  Russia in the Ukraine, Libya exploding, Hamas using kids as shields, South America ravaging our own borders, Iran another day closer to a nuke, planes falling from the skies, and chaos everywhere.  And when the world used to turn their eyes to the US for leadership, security, and standing up for what is right, they now see a feckless, impotent, and ignorant superpower wearing a kryptonite cape of a philosopy of "leading from behind."

What does that even mean?  It's wrong by definition.  It's like saying "winning by losing."  

Leaders lead.  That's what they do.  And they sure as hell don't do it "from behind."

Where this philosophy will lead us (no pun intended), is downright frightening.

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