Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obamacare Sites Fail - Reactions Ignorant

With the launch of Obamacare yesterday, a number of the websites designed to register citizens were not ready for prime time, and were either unavailable for long stretches, or they just flat out crashed.  

There have been a couple of main reactions to these events:

  • Democrats spin it as a success - look at all the people that want to be covered by government health care!
  • Republicans spin it as another example of this legislation not being ready to be thrust upon the population
  • Conspiracy theorists spin it as proof of a Denial of Service attack by the Koch brothers or some other right wing entity (yet they completely absolve the NSA of any kind of maleficence - Hi NSA!)
The truth is far from all of these things.  You want the truth why these sites were so ill prepared?  It's simple - it's because it's the government.  Ever tried to go to the post office after work?  Yeah, they're closed.  Ditto before work.  They're not there for your service, they're there for their own existence.

Ever been to the Department of Motor Vehicles?  I know it is a stand-up comedy cliche, but it is all true: there is nothing about that experience that isn't a massive waste of time and a frustration-inducing death-march.

Ever had to pull a permit, or got a letter from the IRS, or needed a special license, or reported for jury duty, or had any other interaction with the government at all?  If you did, you noticed massive amounts of waste, ignorance, sloth, inefficiency, and a total lack of care, empathy, and service.   

Obamacare sites sucked because that what our government does.  Nothing more, nothing less.

You'd think we'd be used to it by now...


  1. Amen brother! Thanks for the post. Just another example of this administration's lack of taking responsibility for its own ineptitude. We shouldn't be happy or gloating, we should actually be very saddened by what our government has become. And the worst part is, the lemmings who will follow this man through the fire, will never be able to admit all of his and his administrations shortfalls. Very easy to blame the right wingers though. The next report will probably say that the Tea Party was behind the malfunctions.
    One more thought, and maybe I'm a little off base, but nonetheless, it's amazing that all of the people who can't afford health insurance and were waiting for the government to save them manage to own or have access to computers, laptops, iPhones, etc. oh wait, silly me, they probably used their welfare checks to buy those things. Sigh. America, I still love thee, but why have you made a turn for the worst?


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