Monday, October 21, 2013

Latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ballot, and Odds

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just released their latest ballot, and there are a couple of surprises : we now see TWO prog rock bands on the ballot, The Mats get the respect they deserve, and Kiss finally made it.

Here are my odds of who is going to get in, and who won't:

  • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - 1000:1 - Will need to be content with his memories of Woodstock.  
  • Chic - 10,000:1  Le Freak continues to be French for "I don't think so..."
  • Deep Purple - 10:1 Odds go up after not making it last year.  Can that one guitar riff carry them?
  • Peter Gabriel - 20:1 Did Rush break down the door for additional prog rock acts to make the cut?  Here is my full case for Gabriel to make the Hall
  • Hall & Oates - 7:1 Personal disclosure: I like Hall & Oates, and I'm man enough to admit it.  I have ever since Sara Smile was released in the mid-70's.  I've always been a sucker for blue-eyed soul, and these guys do it as good as anyone.  I think the Hall with think so as well.  
  • Kiss - 100:1.  Finally.  Of the acts that should be in the Hall, Kiss now takes top position (after Rush went in last year)  Here is my full case for Kiss to make the Hall.  Despite them deserving to go in, the Hall won't do it.
  • Link Wray - 10,000:1  Who?  Exactly
  • LL Cool J  - 1:5  Slam dunk.  There is nothing about this guy the Hall doesn't love.  
  • Nirvana - 1:2  Another slam dunk.  Their influence cannot be argued.  I still remember the first time I saw the Smells Like Teen Spirit video and thinking "What the hell is this and why do I love it so much?" 
  • The Meters 100:1 The funk founders are back again, and still won't make it
  • NWA 5:1 I had them at even money last year.  Glad I was wrong.  Odds go up, but they still remain a favorite
  • The Replacements 50:1 With the nomination, they get the recognition they deserve, but they won't get the ultimate respect they deserve by getting in.  Here is my full case for The Replacements to make the Hall
  • Linda Rondstadt 4:1  Her recently announced diagnosis of Parkinson's disease will make her the feel-good entry of the year.  I project she'll go in, although it won't entirely be based on her merits
  • Cat Stevens 10:1 Now calling himself Yusuf Islam, he's got all those intangibles that the Hall will love.  No way he deserves to be in the Hall.  He might make it anyway not because of what he's done, but based solely on who he is.  Hey, where have we heard that before?
  • Yes 50:1  If a prog rock act is going to go, it will be Gabriel.  There won't be two, even though they deserve it.  Here is my full case for Yes to make the Hall 
  • The Zombies 1000:1  too short of a library for inclusion in the Hall.  Not going to happen

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