Friday, October 11, 2013

Mitt Romney Was Right

Four days before the election, Republican candidate Mitt Romney said this:

Oh, how different our country could have been.  Instead of someone with a professional demeanor and a background of accomplishment, America elected a petulant egomaniac with a paper-thin resume.

As we creep toward a threatened default, we find the President doing what he does best in not letting a good crisis go to waste.

I so wish we had a leader instead...

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  1. How incredibly prophetic. I believe the old nail on the head adage is in order. I've said it since well before the election: this country has to be run like a business. It has a ledger and there must be a system of balance. Why would you hire a lawyer to run your company? I wouldn't want a businessman representing me in court. Ah sweet America where have you gone? One thing is for damn certain, I don't think you'll see that video clip anywhere else but this blog and maybe Fox News.


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