Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Drive to New Mexico

At a recent business trip to Pueblo, Colorado, I found myself with some time to kill.  Thus, since I've never been to New Mexico before, and with the border being less than two hours away, I pointed my rental vehicle south to see the sights and to check off another state in my quest to see all 50 states.

Here are some highlights of the trip:

In my life, I've seen signs for deer crossing, duck crossing, and even moose crossing.  Now I can add elk to the list.

The land in northern New Mexico was gorgeous.  Arid, but not quite desert yet, it was beautiful. 

Goodness, I do love mountains.  With hills like these in the east, and the majestic Rockies in the west, it sure made for a pretty drive

I stopped in the first little town I encountered in New Mexico to wet my whistle before heading back to Colorado.  As I sat there enjoying my beer, I looked up to see the Green Bay Packers license plate hanging on the wall.  Seems no matter where I go, even tiny little Raton, New Mexico, the cheesehead nation is present.


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