Friday, October 4, 2013

Government Shutdown Reveals What Government Truly Thinks of You

How the government has acted during the "shutdown" reflects what they truly think about their citizens.  Yes, these brave legislators, content to close most things, but not their own salaries, are making a pretty obvious statement about what they think about their citizenry.  Consider:

  • War memorials being "shut down," thus making veterans break laws and storm barricades in order to pay their respects  
  • Federal hunting land being "shut down."  How someone can shut down a 500+ acre wetland is beyond me, but they're doing it
  • Cemeteries of our war dead in foreign countries, specifically those at Normandy in France, being closed to heroes and family that have cashed in on long-standing travel plans to visit them
I know that this is all a political ploy designed to make the shutdown hurt as much as possible so that Republicans cave so we can go back to spending ourselves into oblivion.  But take away that layer and see what is underneath.

Those places listed above are not the government's.  They're ours.  They've been bought and paid for by our taxes, and in many instances, by the blood of soldiers whose bravery and fortitude eclipses anything that passes for so-called "leadership" in Washington right now.

But to those "leaders," these places aren't public - they don't belong to the citizens - they belong to the government.  And when the government wants, the government can easily take them away from its citizens.

Makes one wonder what else they'd choose to take away under different circumstances...

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