Saturday, October 5, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Butts In on My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday, and my wife took me to our favorite restaurant in Green Bay.  The head chef there is the former team chef for the Packers, and he still has quite a following among the players.  I've happened to see a couple of players there over the past few years, but nobody of consequence.

But last night, in the middle of enjoying my fantastic fillet, my wife looks past me and says, "Wow - that guy looks a lot like Aaron Rodgers."  I subtlety turned, viewed what she was seeing, and replied, "That's because it is Aaron Rodgers." 

There, standing at the table directly behind us, stood the NFL Pro Bowler, chatting up the table.  I went back to my steak, but quickly noticed somebody standing at my left elbow.  I turned to see that Rodgers had moved around the table to talk to a woman, and that his butt was a little too close for comfort.  Especially during dinner.

Two thoughts went through my mind: 1) I could totally sack this guy right now (he was smaller in person than we expected), and if I did, I'd totally do the Jared Allen calf-rope sack dance 2) I should stand up and give him the whole "RODGERS!  DISCOUNT DOUBLE-CHECK!" routine.

Recognizing that both would get us kicked out of our favorite restaurant on a permanent basis, and the sack would likely get us killed, I opted for going back to my dinner.

No, it's not the best "brush with greatness" story ever, but then again it is not every day when a Super Bowl MVP backs his booty into a birthday.

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