Friday, April 7, 2017

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad and Liberal Outrage

As you're likely aware, media (both social and major) have piled on Pepsi for being so "tone deaf" in their production of an ad featuring Kendall Jenner.  Here is the offending ad:

It could not have been more Lefty.  Every bleeping lefty stereotype was included here, and all in your face.  However, despite it being a thorough homage to all things liberal, it was received with nothing but vitriol and hate from the Left.  

Why?  Because it leveraged the Black Lives Matter movement to sell soda.  Or so one would think.  Personally, I think the primary reason was that cops were treated too favorably, and there flat weren't enough dead pigs bleeding in the street.

This is yet another shining example that the real fascists are the Left.  Need proof?  If this video was a book, they would have burned it.  Every damned copy.

Think about that for a minute and let it soak in good and well.

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