Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chipolte: Keeping it Real with Jillian Bell - Musician

Chipolte has a mess on its hands.  About a year ago, an E.coli contamination threatened to completely scuttle the company.  Even now, the brand is nowhere where is used to be, and still appears reeling and unsteady on its feet.

Seeming to want to get things back to normal, they've launched a "keeping it real" campaign featuring "real" conversations with stand-up comings.  Most of them are total misses.  Likewise, it is interesting to see that the campaign designed to salvage the suffering brand as one in which folks need to "keep it real."

Regardless, of the half dozen or so that I've seen, one does stand out:


While it in no way made me feel like I should get up off the couch and get some potentially sketchy Mexican food, I was at least entertained. 

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