Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Facebook - Bastion of the Anti-Trump Unhinged

The election of Trump has set folks on the left completely off.  As a result, for many Facebook has become nothing but a constant screed against everything the new president is doing.  Contrary opinions are viewed as either wildly ignorant at best or abjectly racist at the worst.

I've even had a "friend" post that those that voted for Trump need to unfriend her because she can't harbor a relationship with those that hate.  Hypocrisy,  table of one...

Needless to say, I took her up on her offer.  I did so not because I was fearful of offending her.  I did so because I grew tired of multiple posts per day on how big of an idiot I am.

In fact, I believe that over the past two months, I've unfriended about a third of my contacts on Facebook.  Seriously.  I did so not because I couldn't consider a differing opinion.  I did so because I grew weary from being constantly insulted and judged.  I also have about 6 more friends on the watch list.  We'll see.

Facebook is where I want to hear about your family, your vacations, what you had for dinner, and your thoughts on the local sports team.  I simply could not care less about what your political pontification of the day is, and that goes double for those that insult my motivations, intelligence, and morality.  

Never, never post anything political on Facebook.  Ever.  That goes doubly true for LinkedIn (which is another rant in and of itself).  If you want to talk politics, religion, or anything else divisive, take it to a blog like this and invite folks in to see what you've written.  Until then, keep your vitriol for those that don't share your political views to yourself.

And post up a picture of your kid or something.

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