Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Perpetual Outrage Culture

President Trump has struck a nerve on the left.  Actually, he's done more than that - he's triggered a level of perpetual outrage that shows no signs of abating.  The reaction has been one of marches, flag burnings, threats on his life, and post after post of petulant howls from all corners of social media.

The result is a nearly constant din of outrage, and it is an outrage that continues its motion with each move by Trump.  It will continue!  Mark my words - with the announcement of his proposed appointment for Supreme Court Justice later today, we will continue to hear uproars, cries, and the obligatory comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

Indeed, the constant din will continue - day after day, decision after decision.  Any just like any constant din, it will soon be rendered white noise; inaudible and ignored.

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