Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mom

75 years ago today my Mom was born.  My siblings and I were able to spend a long weekend with her in Chicago celebrating that incredible milestone.  Our agenda was a full one:

  • We had an incredible lunch a Eataly
  • Took an architectural boat tour up the Chicago river
  • Saw a production of Hamilton that has all of us still completely blown away
  • Breakfasted at Trump's restaurant (Michelin 2-Star) at his shiny, new tower
  • Walked much of the city - logging over 10 miles hiking on Saturday alone (and Mom not only kept up, but led much of the charge)
  • Relished a fantastic dinner at Blackbird (Michelin 1-Star) where we toasted Mom over Dom Perignon, a 100 point Cab, and a desert wine that was casked in the year of her birth - 1942.
  • Ate the best pancakes I've ever had in my life
  • All done in the splendor of 60 degree weather in Chicago in mid-February
Though it all we enjoyed the unique opportunity to just be a core family.  All of this was achieved despite my sister fighting through a terrible cold, but absolutely gutting it out for the entire event.

I think Mom loved it.  I know I did, and it will be one of those trips that we'll talk about every time we gather for the rest of our lives.   

In looking back, we did a lot.  However, compared to all Mom has done for all of us, the ledger didn't even tilt.  We could do weekends like this for decades and still not repay the debt that we all owe her.  She is truly that incredible, and is truly that influential on our lives, both past and present.

Happy birthday, Mom.  You are loved more than you could ever know. 

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