Monday, February 13, 2017


Not sure what is happening here at camp YDP, but folks, I am stuck.  For the past number of months and for the life of me, I simply cannot get going.  I used to pride myself on a strong work ethic, but it has all but left me.  Oh, I'm still cranking things out at work, although that has slipped some as well.  However, it is the things outside of work that has me concerned.

This blog is a prime example.  I used to be proud that I'd have a new post every day.  Writing not only felt cathartic, but it was a creative muscle that I flat needed to exercise.  Now, I feel empty, and that I have nothing to offer.

Tasks around the house are slipping.  Even big ones like doing Christmas cards and my annual calendar for my hunting crew just flat didn't happen.  

I'm not sure what is driving it, but it is of some concern.  I'll keep you posted, likewise, you'll know how I'm doing by the frequency of what you see posted here.

Wish me luck... 

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