Thursday, July 21, 2016

What Was Cruz Doing?

Ted Cruz flat blew it last night.  His failure to endorse Trump came off as petulant, petty, and personal.  Ted looked personally small, and despite a great speech and even better credentials, he crippled any future chance he has to be President.

I know Trump took massive, unfair shots at Cruz.  The "lyin' Ted" thing, shots at his wife, and hell, even accusing his father of having something to do with the Kennedy assassination were tactics that the over-the-top Trump used to redefine Cruz and put him on his heels.  Cruz has to still feel those stings, and I get it.

But what I don't get is the massive misunderstanding of what is at stake in the 2016 election.  Hillary Clinton will name at least one and likely two Supreme Court justices.  ISIS will continue its murderous spree unabated.  Racial relations will continue to spiral downward.  Our national debt will likely eclipse $25 TRILLION.  Our economy will continue to suffer.  And we'll have someone in the White House that considers themselves above the law, hence the recent IRS scandal could be nothing but child's play.

Cruz knows this.  Yet, in the end, he thought it better to either 1) embarrass Trump and/or 2) set himself up for the 2020 presidency that he flat just didn't care.  His speech was all about Ted, and not about our country.

That's not what a leader does.  That's surely not what a patriot does.

Cruz used to be my guy.  Now he's damaged goods.  His political aspirations overtook what was good for the country.  In essence, he became what he so despised, and looked small and pathetic doing so. 

Bye Ted.  It is unfortunate that your speech will likely define the entirety of your political career.

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