Friday, July 8, 2016

Game of Thrones Best Character - Lady Mormont

I'm quite addicted to Game of Thrones, at least the TV version.  It is written, produced, and delivered impeccably, and the ranging story lines are original in their conceptualization and as entertaining as all hell.

The beauty of the story are the characters, and the fact that any one beloved character is as likely to be killed off as another.  I've had a couple of favorite characters, and each has found their way 6 feet under.  Fortunately for me, Season 6 introduced a new character, and she's a flat-out buttkicker.

She only has had two scenes, but she stole them both.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lady Mormont of Bear Island:

(I can't embed, so you'll need to link)

Lady Mormont helps Jon Snow

Lady Mormont calls out the Kings

I swear, the show is worth it just for her...

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  1. how ever i am big fan of Games of thrones series from long time, i always prefer each episode of Games of thrones intead of Full movie which are too legnthy and i had limitid time to enjoy such things so i always preffer to watch Games of thrones and now waiting for its Season 7.


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