Monday, July 18, 2016

Heartache for Louisiana

Minnesota is my home.  Wisconsin is where I live.  Louisiana is what I love.  That is why my heart aches so for what is happening down there.  

The far left wants a racial fight so bad that they'll do just about anything to see it come to fruition.  Anything from lying about a shooting (e.g. "hands up, don't shoot") to flat out murdering cops in military ambushes.

Charles Manson committed the Tate murders to hopefully usher in a race war.  He was unsuccessful.

Here we sit, now nearly 50 years later, and we're closer to Manson's coveted race war now that we ever have been.

Somewhere in a dark cell of the Corcoran State Prison sits one very evil, but very happy man.


  1. I'm not sure Manson is happy. Manson's motivation for starting a race war was that in the black victors would never be able to run the country, so they would have to turn to Charlie and his "family" hiding in the desert to run it.


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