Sunday, July 10, 2016

Painful Recognition

I was doing some brainstorming on an upcoming grand opening event that we're having later this summer.  As part of the event, I'm considering having a local NASCAR driver appear, but given that I'm not a fan, I didn't know if he'd register with our audience or not.

In thinking about who would know, I immediately went to my buddy Don.  Don represented Ward Burton, and know as much about the race game as about anyone I knew.  I instinctively grabbed my phone, and as I was headed for the contacts, I remembered.

I remembered Don was dead.  He died a very quick death due to inoperable cancer last summer.

He was so young (my age), so full of energy, and went so quickly, it still hadn't fully sunk in that he's gone.  

As I sat there, painfully recalling his loss and thinking about his family, I mourned a little all over again. 

Hard stuff.

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