Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Politics Boils Down To

We're seeing a pretty incredible display going on right now as it pertains to politics.  We've seen the preemptive Democrat candidate for president caught in lie after lie, and instead of admonishing her, the press compliments her on her ability to not make any charges stick.  We've seen a Muslim kid take apart a clock, bring it to school in an obvious move of political agitation, and when folks act with concern, gets rewarded for it.  With an audience with the president, no less.

These are the two latest examples where the truth just flat doesn't matter anymore.  The only thing that matters is that the liberal agenda continue; unabated and unchecked.

Give credit where credit is due - liberals have succeeded in making liberalism "cool" and conservatism "stupid."  It really is that simple.  Ask any idiot on the street, and you'll get some kind of summation of the above.  

It's branding in the truest sense.  It has nothing to do with reality, or honesty, or objectivity.  It has everything to do with appearances and feelings and projections. 

I encountered a good example of this last Friday.  I had a lab appointment, so was going into work late.  Since I had the time, I took a leisurely work out at the club.  While minding my own business on my elliptical machine, three newly-retired gentlemen climbed aboard the machines to my right, and proceeded to have a political conversation.

I had my headphones in (and I like my music loud), but these guys were screaming back and forth to each other.  The subject was how stupid conservative people were.  These guys' world view could not envision someone in their right mind not being liberal, and if you weren't, you were an idiot.  And they were so convinced that they were so right and such a majority that they conducted themselves as if every other person in the place felt the same way.

I held my tongue, and the fury they raised in me aided my workout.  But what I saw is what is happening in our country right now.  Years and years of popular culture, media, and education control have wrought a brand that is as powerful as any I've seen as a marketing professional.

Liberals = cool.  Conservatives = stupid.  Simple, brilliant, effective. 

Not true.  But as is the case in branding, truth doesn't matter.  All that matters is how the brand makes you feel.

As in the case of my retired buddies feeling like intellectually superior douche bags.

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  1. If you are conservative, you are stupid to the liberal right after they take your money.


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