Monday, October 26, 2015

Jenner: Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year

In another astounding situation of "more politically correct than thou," Glamour Magazine is widely rumored to be featuring Caitlyn Jenner as their 2015 Woman of the Year.

Of over half the world's population, Jenner is the one to be celebrated?  There were absolutely no women that accomplished anything other than getting a boob job and hacking off their penis?  Really?

We've recently reached a point as a society where achievements don't matter.  Hell, they're not even achievements.  What's admired is ones ability to "skate" by lying under oath, how "cool" one is, and certainly how one embraces the hinterland of social mores.  

Our world has turned upside down.  We will absolutely deserve what will ultimately happen.  Until then, cheers to Ms. Jenner.  It appears that your decision to be a woman is the female gender's greatest accomplishment in the past year.  Congratulations, women everywhere!  You should all be so very proud.

God help us.  

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