Friday, October 2, 2015

Bodies Still Warm, Obama Blames Guns

The only examples of "leadership" coming from the White House in Obama's second term revolve around "climate change" and gun grabbing.  The Iranians can get nukes, the Russians can bomb whom they please in Syria, a record number of US citizens can go without any kind of employment, racial relations are at their worst since the start of the civil rights movement (I could go on and on), but no matter.

Guns are bad, and they need to go away.

This demagoguery is so tiresome.  No details are ever presented as to what he'd do to make things better (not that one could, as I explained very, very clearly here), but as we've seen over and over again from this administration, never let the truth or details get in the way of a chance to push a political agenda and narrative.

Speaking of details, this eruption of violence of which Obama speaks, what does it look like statistically?  I'm glad you asked.  Check it:

You read that right, sports fans.  Homicide rates are those of the time of the Andy Griffith Show.  Likewise, if you took black on black murder out of the mix - something Obama won't address and won't even mention - and our true homicide rate is a bump.

But you won't hear that from our president.  Not when he has a political agenda he wants to push.

In the mean time, at work this week we'll have another one of those banner weeks selling firearms.  It seems irony, like a lot of things, is lost by the narcissist in the Oval Office.

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