Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Obama - Leadership is All About Climate Change

If you've not seen the 60 Minutes interview of President Obama by Steve Kroft, you have missed a lot.  For the first time since the Super Bowl interview by Bill O'Reilly, THE FIRST TIME, the media FINALLY speaks truth to power and asks Obama tough questions.

And for Barry?  He's understandably upset that someone dares question him, and that he's finally being called out for the charlatan that he truly is.

Here is but a snippet:

You know the saddest part of this whole interview?  I think Obama truly believes he's doing a good job.  I think he's that isolated, has that limited of a world view, is surrounded by that many sycophants, and is that ideologically polluted that he truly think's he's rocking it. 

The knock on George Bush among the liberal elite is that he was not "intellectually curious."  Obama's narcissistic and delusional psychology puts all that to shame.


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