Monday, May 14, 2012

Songs on Heavy Rotation - 2012

It is my brother's birthday, and that means it is time for the gift of some new music.  Here are some songs, some old and some new, that are on heavy rotation for me.  Hopefully you will be able to find something new in here that is enjoyable:

Chameleon/Comedian, Kathleen Edwards - One of the efforts off of her new album.  Justin Vernon, of Bon Iver fame, produced this album and ended up dating her.  Her sound is clearly changed, and is more complex.  Overall, a good effort

Dust Bowl, Joe Bonamassa - I consider Joe to be the best blues player of his generation.  Impeccable guitar licks and smoky vocals pull it all together.  The guy is a treasure.

Falling Off a Log, Tracey Thorn - Former lead of Everything But the Girl has ventured out to a solo career focused on dance / electronica.  She still has incredible vocals.  I just love her.

The Feel Again (Stay), Blue October - Perhaps my favorite song of the past year.  The entire album was a recap of the path of lead singer Justin Furstenfeld's divorce.  It is a deeply emotional, raw, and beautiful album.  Worth checking out.

Feels Like Rain, Buddy Guy - The first of a number of covers.  While Hiatt's original can't be topped, Guy's guitar makes this very special.  Of all of the songs New Orleans has inspired, this one feels the most like the city to me.

Fragile Bird, City and Colour - I found this album a little late, but enjoy it very much. The pounding bass and guitar are infectious.

Give Me Something, Scars On 45 - Reminds me a little like Coldplay.  Their whole latest album is fantastic.

Hard Times, Gillian Welch - Way off the beaten path from a musical perspective.  I have no idea why I love this song, but love it I do.

High In the Morning, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Still making relevant music all these years later.  This 2010 effort is a great example.

Holdin On to Black Metal, My Morning Jacket - Got a James Bond-esque theme through this one that I really like.  I am really into this band lately.  The diversity of their sound is really spectacular. 

The Homes of Donegal, Paul Brady - I was kind of having a down St. Patrick's Day, and was looking for a song to put me back into an Irish mood.  This is the song that I found.

If You Would Come Back Home, William Fitzsimmons - While a lot of this guy's work all sounds very similar, I really like his sound. 

Keep Running, Gemma Hayes - I do love my indy chicks, and Gemma is clearly that.

The Lime Tree, Trevor Hall - This guy has a big Eastern influence in his subject matter, and has made some beautiful music.  I really enjoy him.  Also check out some live and acoustic versions of this song.  Fantastic stuff.

Meet Me On the Equinox, Death Cab for Cutie - While I'm not a huge Death Cab fan, I really like this song a lot.

Money to the Rescue,   ClarenceClemons & The Red Bank Rockers - With the passing of the Big Man this year, it seems only proper to include this song from him.  Hard to believe that given this was a 1983 release, the subject matter still certainly applies to today.

My Baby's Tellin' Lies, Keb' Mo' - Some recent R&B, with a heavy emphasis on the B. 

Over the Ocean (iTunes Session), Best Coast - I'm not a huge fan of the low-fi, 60's inspired trend that has been all the rage in alt/indy these past couple of years, but of all the bands that do it, Best Coast does it very well.

Ride's Blues (For Robert Johnson), Dion - Yes, that Dion.  Surprised the hell out of me when I first heard it.  I'm now digging deeper.

Row Jimmy, The Decemberists - I'm not a huge Dead fan, but there have been fantastic covers of their music through the years.  I'd consider this Decemberist effort to be one of the top ten.

Sail, AWOLNATION - OK, the hook got me.  It got me good.  Blame it on my ADD, baby.

Santa Fe, Beirut - Indy, but with kind of a world-music vibe to it.

Set Me On Fire, Matthew Good - I've recommended some of his stuff in the past.  With this effort, released this year, we find him layering on horns and more structured backing vocals.  I hate this guy's politics, but love his music.

Speaking in Tongues (feat. David Byrne), Arcade Fire - This was one of two songs added to the Deluxe Version of Arcade Fire's recent classic The Suburbs.  They had the good sense to ask David Byrne to sing backup on this effort.  Very enjoyable.

Standing In the Doorway, Bonnie Raitt - I really love Dylan.  And of the hundreds of songs that he's penned, I believe that this song is my favorite.  That's saying a lot.  This is off Bonnie's most recent effort, and her treatment is bluesy and strong.  Great song, sung well.

Three and a Half Letters, Chickenfoot - This shows why Sammy Hagar is 10x the rock star David Lee Roth is.  Great song.

Woods, The Rosebuds - The best song from one of the best albums of the year.  The Rosebuds are outstanding.

Young Blood, Birdy - Her album is full of alternative covers, and her singing is gorgeous.  The whole album is worth a listen.

Happy birtday, Bro.  I love you tons.

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