Friday, May 4, 2012

The Loss of Junior Seau

I'm greatly saddened by the death of Junior Seau, and it is on multiple fronts. 

Growing up in Minnesota in the 1970's, it was impossible to not be a fan of the Vikings, which made it impossible to not be a fan of defense.  That indoctrination has stayed with me my entire life, and while the game has changed significantly, my love for stellar defensive play has never waned. 

While individual defenders with the ability to dominate and control the game became few and far in between, Seau was clearly one of them.  As such, I was an early admirer and a fan.  

I'd always watch anytime one of his teams were playing, which ultimately became a running joke with my wife and me.  We were watching one of his early games with San Diego when she asked "Who is that guy you like?" 
"Because when he hits guys, he makes them say 'ow.'" 

Seau was quick, smart, agile, and more than anything else, a dominant hitter.  And he was so in the heyday of "leading with your hat."  Tackling technique had morphed to involve the head and to use the helmet to help deliver the blow.  And while it was successful in delivering punishment and forcing fumbles, it was taking a toll on the players on both sides of the ball. 

The brain is not something with which to be trifled.  I have seen, far too closely, how brain maladies can devastate a loved one, and a family.  And as we learn more about the impact of repetitive concussions, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the game I love so dearly is deadly to its players. 

Not immediately, no.  But the loss of Seau, and how he took his life, should send a huge red flag to the league that something is wrong. 

Rest in peace, Junior Seau.  May you now be resigned in the peace that you so desperately sought.    

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