Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leech Lake Fishing Report 2012

Fishing thus far has been good.  Not great, but good.

Two nights ago Fuzzy and I found the fish at night on the flats, and boated a good number while running Rapalas.  One of them was a monster 28"; the biggest fish I've seen on this lake in years.  I'd show you pictures but Fuzzy hasn't sent them to me (note to Fuzzy - HINT).

Yesterday the wind blew hard all day, keeping me in most of the day.  By evening I was going crazy and headed out to listen to the Twins game and tow a Rap.  I searched all over, and finally found them after dark in 5 feet of water, on the rocks.

The only issue is that the wind was still howling.  Big time.  So when I'd hook a fish, I'd first need to move the boat off the rocks and then try to play and land him.  It was dangerous, and borderline stupid to be out there by myself doing that. 

It was just so damn frustrating to know where the fish were (90% of the battle) yet be unable to catch them.

So the fight will continue today.  I'll keep the updates coming.

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