Sunday, May 27, 2012

Leech Lake Fishing Report - 2012 Continued

One word for fishing this past week on Leech Lake?  Fabulous.  Simply fabulous.  Regardless of the wind direction or the weather condition, fish were biting somewhere; all one had to do was find them.

For the first time ever on an extended stay on Leech I caught fish every time out.  Every time. 

Pictured above is my buddy Jon with a monster 31" northern that he battled 10 minutes to land.  The picture does not give it justice (it didn't help that I cut off its tail) - that fish was a monster, and in 40 years of fishing Leech, the largest fish I had ever seen landed on these waters.

Unfortunately, it all comes to an end.  We leave here with bellies full of fish, a limit and a half in the freezer, and memories of dozens of fish caught and released that were bigger than 18", with most north of 22", and four (that's right, four!) bigger than 26".

What an incredible bite on an incredible body of water. 

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