Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tim Tebow - Proving the World Wrong, and the World Hates It

It is interesting to see how the world is reacting to Tim Tebow.  Revered to hated, and everything in between, there does not appear to be a uniform feeling about the guy.  The only thing that seems consistent between camps is the lingering question: is he too good to be true? 

The reason the question is so pervasive is that Tebow is very much outside the typical NFL mode.  Young, rich, good looking, successful in a very testosterone-filled environment, and under constant temptation by all of the trappings a career in the NFL affords, he could not really be that pious, could he? 

Home schooled.  Performed foreign missionary work.  Appeared in an anti-abortion ad.  Admitted virgin.  And win after improbable win.  With political land mines everywhere, and with the popular mocking of Tebowing, Tebow is slowly winning over converts.  Yet through it all, it seems that the nation is holding its breath for the truth to REALLY come out about Tebow and how he lives his life. 

Why exactly is this?  Is life so good that people like Tebow need to be mocked and maligned?  Do we really take more joy out of human failing, as opposed to decency?  It seems like the times in which we live, we’d appreciate a God-fearing man more than we do.  But no, the only thing most seem to appreciate is impending fall that most just know is going to happen. 

Here’s hoping you prove them wrong, Tim.  Again.

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