Monday, December 5, 2011

Skyrim - Video Crack

My whole life, I've loved video games.  From the $100s in quarters I spent at our local bowling alley, to thousands(!) of hour spent across different computer formats (Apple II+, Mac, PC), to the hundreds of hours spent with consoles (handheld or otherwise), and now with my iPhone and iPad, I've wasted gobs of my life with games.   

While they're really great for making time on a flight or on the elliptical machine go by quickly, they're also addictive as hell for me.  So much that I've purposefully avoided things like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft as I know if I get into them, I'm into a massive time suck.   

And time is something I don't have.   

Work.  Working out.  Writing.  Being a spouse, brother, uncle, friend.  All of these I already don't have enough time to do to a level that I'd like.   

Hence, when I see a cool ad for Skyrim, I have to run from it like a junkie from crack.  My inner nerd wants me to go there so damn bad, but my reality adult is holding off.  

 At least for the time being...

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