Saturday, December 3, 2011

Browning Maxus Review

As reported here earlier, I purchased a new Browning Maxus ahead of the waterfowling season this year.  I'd like to offer up a quick review of the gun for those that might be interested in purchasing one. 
  • The first thing I noticed was the weight of the gun.  Coming in under 7lbs., the gun felt light even when fully loaded with 3 1/2" steel.  For me, this made the gun much more quick than what I was used to with my old Browning Gold, which was over a half pound heavier.  I've always felt that a quick gun makes me a better shooter, and the confidence increase just due to the weight in my hands was noticeable.  
  •  The action was extremely reliable.  Dirt, rain , dust, and cattails didn't hang it up.  Likewise, while some previous versions had some trigger issues, I found zero after breaking my gun in over a couple of dozen clays.   
  • The gun is a dream to break down and clean.  I can't imagine a simpler design.  It could not be easier to maintain.   
My bottom line is about results, and I can honestly assert that I've not had a better shooting season for ducks in my life.  I'm an above average shot, but streaky, and I never had a cold period with this gun.  My first three trigger pulls resulted in dead birds, and I was probably 10 for my first 12 shots.  Is that all of the gun's doing?  No, it can't shoot itself, and factors like shot selection, ammunition, confidence, and luck come into play, but the gun plays a big part as well.  And for me, the money spent on the Maxus was money well spent.  

I can't wait to take it down to Louisiana to finish up the duck season at the end of next month.   


  1. Gun has developed a trigger issue, and thus far Browning is not standing behind their product. Check out for more details and updates.


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