Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Retail Life

As we approach the Christmas holiday, the world gears up to celebrate.  However, for those of us with a career in retail, there is scant little celebration.  It is game time.  It means big pressure as the stakes go up, and go up across the board - budgets are big, crowds big, and expectations are big.  It as about as far away from "comfort and joy," as one can get. 

And despite the big pressures and sacrifices, it is incredibly fun. 

A career in retail isn't that dissimilar to one of a Major League ballplayer.  The regular season is a long one, and you need to do a lot of things right.  But at the end, in the World Series, that's where the glory lives, and where heroes and goats are made.  It is a big stage, big pressure, long hours, and not for everybody.  However, for those who like that kind of environment, there's not much that's better. 

As my channel is ecommerce, our selling season is basically over in two weeks.  And while I look at the time remaining and long for the respite that will come with its conclusion, I also see the opportunity inherent in these last days and the need to do more. 

Ever more.  

So help a brother out an buy something, would you?

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