Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thoughts on Penn State

I've not commented on the Jerry Sandusky sexual predator situation yet. Time to weigh in: 
  • I just got through reading the Penn State Grand Jury report. While much of this has been covered by the media, to read it in the formal document, in all of its graphic detail, was infuriating, heart-breaking, and stomach turning. It was just disturbing.  
  • In situations like this, where innocent kids have suffered unspeakable physical and mental trauma, I have a hard time reconciling my faith. While we're asked to forgive, I can't help but desire the justice and vengeance of a brutal prison experience, followed by an eternity in Hell. And I'm not even a victim. 
  • The wreckage that Sandusky wrought will impact Penn State for decades. Personally, every Saturday I want to see them lose, and lose big. That's not fair for the kids there, or the players that played there, and I'm sorry about that. But that school and athletic faculty had the ability to step in and save some kids, and they chose instead to turn a blind eye and let the carnage continue. For that, Nittany Lions, you deserve every pummeling that will be dealt to you. 
  • Speaking of the impact on former players, at the bottom of the page is LaVare Arrington talking about the situation.

How does one make sense out of any of this? The damage - the suffering? I guess all we can do is pray for the victims, the school, and as much as I don't want to, Sandusky.

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