Wednesday, November 2, 2011

St. John's Football - A Rare Season

There is an excellent article in the StarTribune today on the state of Johnnie football.  It is nice to have it considered "news" because St. John's is having a really tough year, at least as considered by their standards. 

I'm not close enough to the situation to offer a solution.  All I know is that John Gagliardi and his coaching philosophy have delivered a winning record that is likely only second to Mt. Union since I attended there nearly 25 years ago.  In that time he won one national title, which easily was one of the top 25 happiest days of my life.  He has 43 consecutive seasons without a losing record! 

From my perspective, whatever this guy wants to do as he closes out his career, I'll support.  There will be lots of options when he's done - SJU's attendance and alumni support are the envy of Division III, and any coach worth his salt would be thrilled with the position.  It is the Notre Dame of the north, minus the past coaching drama, and we'll be able to tap the best coaches in the nation when that time comes.  

Good luck, John (how many college coaches do you know that demand that their players, students, alumni, and fans call him by his first name?) on breaking the Oles' hearts this weekend on your way to keeping that consecutive winning season streak alive.  As I do on my hunting weekends, I'll be listening.   

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