Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gagliardi to Return to SJU for His 60th Season

When I reported about John a couple of weeks ago, there was concern about his losing his streak of 43 consecutive winning seasons.  St. John's was a game below .500 at the time, with two to go (one being against #24 ranked St. Olaf).

Worry no more.  The Johnnies ran the table, and Gag's consecutive winning seasons now goes to an amazing 44.

Given the way they finished, John is coming back to coach for his 60th season at SJU. 

College football's winningest coach of all time really didn't have any plans to do anything else.  He told the St. Cloud Times:

"I don't know anything else," said Gagliardi, 85. "What else should I be doing? Am I going to take a trip to Italy or go climbing the Himalayas? I don't want to do any of those things. There are days I don't even like going into St. Cloud."

Thanks for sticking around, John.  And good luck running that consecutive winning seasons streak to 45.

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