Monday, November 7, 2011

A Rare Glimpse Into Life at the Duck Camp

My wife and others often ask what we do at the duck camp all weekend. 

What don't we do?! 

The video listed below provides just a little peek beyond the camouflage curtain. 

To set the context, it all started with my partner was working on a design for a new blind.  The blind would be built on a stand to get it out of the water and get it high enough to see over the cattails, and while the design would work well, building the stand and attaching the blind to it would be a significant hassle.  I was not looking forward to the build; not at all. 

Unfortunately for my partners in the camp, I've fully inherited my father's capability for being handy at fixing or building anything.  I'm worthless, and everyone knows it.  Oh, I'm good at hauling stuff, holding stuff, fetching tools, and making sure the beer doesn't run out, but for anything else, I stink, and everyone knows it.  In fact, if not for my skills in the kitchen as our designated camp cook, I'd likely find myself out on my tail.

However, for some reason this day I was touched by a rare bolt of engineering inspiration.  Dreading the thought of the work required with the proposed configuration, I felt there had to be an easier way.  Scanning the farm yard (which is looking more and more like Fred Sanford's front yard these days) I spied an old tractor tire.  The tire was about the right height, and the right sturdiness.  Why not just lay a dock section on top of it?  Eureka! 

I pitched the idea, and it was met with the usual quick dismissal reserved for all of my ideas. But about the time its heart beat was going to a flat line, the idea caught a spark that built into a small fire.  The two other guys present started mentally chewing on it and tossing thoughts back and forth.  After a quick analysis, as well as a trial in the yard, it was determined that indeed, for once in my 26 year history up there, I had a good idea. 

As you may have sensed, I'm still basking in the afterglow of this, and likely will be for seasons to come.  Like the Abominable Snowman in Rudolph putting the star at the top of the tree, I had finally done something good.  "Lookie what I can do!" 

Armed with my newly hatched idea, we now needed to implement.  That required that we move the tires from the farmyard to their new home on the point out on the lake.  So how do we move these 200 lb. giant monsters?  By jacking around, of course.  Hence we developed a quick contest for distance and accuracy, and the following is the result.     

As you can see, life at the duck camp is a complex, somber, and sober pursuit.  We do really important stuff up there. 

I hope you enjoyed this rare glimpse behind the camouflage curtain.   

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  1. Just glad we are not being given a rare glimpse of the smells of Sidd's duck camp.


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