Friday, June 10, 2011

Yellow Dog Patrol Now Optimized for Mobile Devices!

When a user accesses a website from a mobile device, either the traditional site is served, or a special mobile-optimized site can be served to make things easier for mobile users and their significantly smaller screens.

Up to this point, if you accessed Yellow Dog Patrol via your mobile (and in looking at the web analytics, many of you have), you would have received just a standard rendering of the normal web site. 

No more, my dear reader! 

I'm happy to report that the site has now been optimized to make reading YDP much easier on your mobile device.  The attached a screen shot of what the site now looks like in mobile mode for an iPhone. 

From a user's perspective, there's nothing needed on your end; the site will recognize if the inbound traffic is from a normal PC/laptop or a mobile device, and will automatically serve the correct version without you even noticing. 

I don't know, but maybe this whole internet thing is going to catch on...

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