Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sticking it to "The Man" in Green Bay

Last Thursday I attended a conference at St. Norbert's College here in Green Bay.  At 2:00, I needed to head back to the office, and was greeted by this friendly crowd. 

This was half of the protest, with the other half residing on another corner. 

The union garbage in this state is getting out of hand.  Between efforts to repeal Walker, to destroying the state capitol and wasting precious state funds in midst of a protest, to standing on a non-busy corner at 2:00 on a random Thursday, the union effort appears misguided at best, and wasteful and ignorant at worst. 

Here's a couple of tips to help our union brothers and sisters:
  • There's a recession going on, dipstick.  Unemployment is now over 9%, and underemployment at a whopping 17%.  That's just about one in five.  To think you have some special right to not feel the same pain that the private sector has felt since Obama took over (when underemployment was about 7.5%) is ignorant. 
  • If you want to protest, how about doing it when you're going to be seen - like at rush hour where people that are actually working and paying taxes are commuting home?  Thursday at 2:00 at a college campus will move the needle for your cause a whopping jack squat.  At 2:00 the state's taxpayers are working, not working on their sun tan, trying to relive/imitate some cool 60's protest. 
  • Based on new unemployment numbers, drops in durable goods orders, and continuing deflation of housing, the economy has begun its double dip.  It is going to get worse from here, and unless you're adding value to your employer, you'll find yourself one of the ever increasing company of un/under employed. 
Instead of bitching, you may want to get to work and be thankful you have a job at all.  Lots of your neighbors don't.