Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Diego Hilton Bayfront - Review Update

After a tough check in my first night (see the story here), I was surprised and delighted about how Hilton addressed my situation.   

What happened?  Actually, a lot: 
  • It started with a notification that the hotel was following me on Twitter.  They obviously had been made aware of my article, likely through a Google Alerts feed or something similar.  They're using social media to monitor and protect their brand, and as a web marketer I tip my hat to that level of being proactive.  
  •  I keep this blog as anonymous as possible (although my Twitter feed is telling), so if my post was reviewed, in order to research the situation, whoever would do so would need to do some digging.   
  • Digging was definitely done as when I returned to my hotel room after the conference last night, I was met with this tray which featured waters, fresh pears, a $50 discount on the restaurant, a $50 discount on the spa, and a thoughtful, poignant, and sincere handwritten note of apology.   
I was blown away.   None of this was necessary.  As stated earlier, I wasn’t fishing for anything.  I guess I was really looking for some kind of recognition or understanding that performance was far below my expectations.  In their research and response to my situation, my expectations were far, far exceeded.  

So thanks to the Bayfront Hilton for a very sincere, classy, unexpected, and genuine response.  As one who spends his career on trying to take care of our customer, I’m very, very impresed.  


  1. but will you stay at the Hilton again????

  2. You know how to TAKE the reservation, but you don't know how to keep it, and that is the most important part.

    One good thing about bad service is that I actually got to use that line at the car rental place. It felt good. AND, it actually worked. I got a car and literally had to drive away from the rental lot with an angry mob screaming and shaking their fists at me!!!

  3. I will indeed stay at the Hilton again. Thanks for your thorough follow-up.


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