Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sex Offenders Welcomed in Green Bay

I read the following article this morning and almost lost my eggs.  Read it all

Green Bay sex offender home called model for other communities

It's 5 miles from my house.  I drive past it every day on my way to the club.
A couple of points:
  • "Break the rules, and it could mean going back to prison." - Could?  These are bleeping sex offenders.  If they break any rule - jaywalking, gum chewing, I don't care, their sex offending carcasses should be hauled back to prison for the justice they deserve.
  • "60% live there without major incident" - Ergo, 40% that live there DO have a major incident.  Any rate above zero is unacceptable.
  • "No one tracks the recidivism rate of offenders who pass through he facility..." - WHAT?  Why the hell not?  If the goal of the program is reentry of these monsters into society, why wouldn't the success (or, based on traditional recidivism rates of these scum, failure) of this program get tracked?
  • "No female officers are allowed to live there" - Wonder why?  Perhaps for their safety?  So it's OK to keep a fully  trained and armed female police officer out of harm's way from this excrement, but the non-trained, non-armed neighborhood kids and women will just need to fend for themselves.  Incredible.
  • "We have good confidence in it." - Bully for you, Dean Gerondale.  Build the next facility next to your house.
Sex crimes ruin lives.  Entire lives.  When will we as a society stop coddling, forgiving and excusing these crimes, and start treating the perpetrators like the horrific monsters that they are?

Shame on you, those in the Green Bay community, that allow this to exist within our midst.

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