Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recap from Dr. Bill's 2011 Hunting Trip

Last weekend I spent time with some college (and other) buddies as part of an annual get-together at a fancy hunt club.  I've known these guys for 25 years, and I was really struck by a couple of things over the weekend: 
  • Even thought I haven't seen some of these guys since the last hunting trip last year, we all fell back into our same ways of talking to each other and interacting.  In many respects it wasn't that different from when we were in college.  It was comfortable.  Just really comfortable. 
  • We're not getting any younger, and we're definitely uglier than we used to be.  Some of us worse than others. 
  • When we were younger, we'd often get together in order for there to be a distraction - the ultimate goal was to hit the bar, or party, or game, or whatever.  The distraction was the driver.  In recent years, the opposite is proving more and more true.  We engage in a distraction in order to get together. 
  • After gearing up, I came out of the house and marveled at the vehicles in the driveway.  It is really remarkable the success that each of us have made of ourselves, both on a professional an personal level.  Back in the mid 80's, one could have really had their doubts about us.  Big time.  But our foundations (family and faith), our education, our work ethic, and some luck conspired to get us where we're at today.  We're blessed and lucky.
  • Every year, something happens that makes the trip remarkable.  This year was no exception, with one of us "retiring" early and ending up in the wrong bed.  This created quite a surprise as his roommate attempted to enter the same bed in the darkened room later that evening.  It was definitely not the kind of surprise that either want to revisit.
Thanks again, Dr. Bill.  Can't wait to do it all again next year.

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