Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last Night I Dreamt of Baseball

Last night I dreamt of baseball
dreamt of the whole game complete
could smell the fresh-cut grass
felt the turf beneath my feet

Hit a screamer to the shortstop
my first time at the plate
It should have been a base hit
but the play he made was great

Hit a dying quail to right
the next time at the bat
It was ugly but effective
as I earned my first hit stat

I remember standing in the field
on the defensive side of the game
admiring the beautiful summer
Would such days ever come again?

My second hit was a liner
off of first base it careened
Alas I never hit to the right
so I knew it was a dream

Moved up to second base
on an in-the-dirt passed ball
Should have been to third on a balk
but the umpire blew the call

I argued his mistake
but it didn't matter for
the next batter put one in the gap
and on the play I easily scored

We ultimately won game
I distinctly remember the fun
of the win and my final stat line
two for four with a run

Work, stress, and nightmares
were all in full retreat
For last night I dreamt of baseball
I hope tonight is a repeat

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