Monday, September 6, 2010

Minnesota Goose Opener 2010

I spent last weekend with Fuzzy, his kids, and a couple of Yellow Dogs in search of either some geese or doves. Given a reliable scouting report, we decided to forgo geese and spent Saturday morning in pursuit of doves. Unfortunately, a big NW wind the days leading up to the hunt likely moved many of them off to warmer climes. That meant a trip to town for blueberry pancakes, a long and much needed nap, target shooting, some fun ATV riding and copious amounts of college football.

The following day found us on the lake in pursuit of some Canada geese, but again things were a bust (as you can likely tell by the picture of the Yellow Dog and my buddy Ben). We saw a handful of birds, but nothing gave us any kind of look. The day was salvaged by a trip to Cabela's on the way home, so all was not lost, but in terms of the game bag, things were a little light.

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