Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fox River Bike Trail - A Green Bay Gem

After a really long day at work I figured that I needed some fresh air and some exercise.  I punched out at , let the dog out, got my gear on, and hit the Fox River Trail. 

The Fox River is the river that bisects Green Bay, and while sections of it are really industrial, there are portions that are downright pretty.  I headed south, into a pretty good headwind, and was surprised at the scenery and activity.  Before long I found myself well beyond De Pere and well into the country.  By the trail marker I had only gone 8.5 miles, but one of Green Bay’s charms is her small size, and it didn’t take much to peddle into the farms and cows. 

I really wanted to get a 20 mile ride in, but it got buggy and I was more tired than I expected, so I hooked around and headed back to home.  Now armed with a tailwind I really flew, and I kicked myself that I didn’t crank out the extra mile and a half as the trip home was going to be a quick one.  Maybe next time. 

I’m not sure that my schedule will allow me to get out much more on weeknights, especially with the days getting noticeably shorter, but I am planning a nice long ride sometime this weekend.  I understand there’s a deer park 12 miles out.  That sounds like a good goal. 

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