Sunday, September 26, 2010

Appleton WI Octoberfest

My wife and I spent a great afternoon at Appleton, Wisconsin’s Octoberfest. The day was beautiful, the place packed, the beer cold, the food awesome.

The entire downtown is shut down to host dozens and dozens of food booths (manned by local non-profits). As you can see by the photo, there was a giant crowd there.

Notes from the day:
  • This was the first Octoberfest I’ve attended in which there was very little German influence. Aside from a couple of folks in lederhosen, you wouldn’t have any idea this was an “Octoberfest.”
  • There were four stages of music, with a heavy emphasis on really mediocre 70’s cover bands. Only one polka band represented. Lame.
  • We were surprised at the size of Appleton, and it seemed bigger than Green Bay. It clearly had a more defined downtown.
  • Guess where I’m going to be on St. Patrick’s Day?

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