Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leech Lake Anniversary, with Bonus Leech Lake Fishing Report

My wife and I celebrated our 15 wedding anniversary by spending a long weekend at our cabin on Leech Lake. The weather conspired to keep fishing to a bare minimum, but we did get out there and got on some fish. Saturday had very little wind, so we headed out to the shallow flats outside of Big Rock Reef and trolled cranks (I know, midday, but we had very little wind) in the deeper areas.
My wife landed a very nice 24" Northern and I ended up with one of the biggest Walleyes of my life – a 26 ½" that was incredibly thick. My biggest fish in length are a 28" and a number of 27"s, but in terms of weight and fight, I think this fish wins.

We did dinner at Boulders on Friday, and were really surprised at the quality of the restaurant – extremely nice. Food was really good, and wine list was solid and priced appropriately. We highly recommend it, and will be going back again.

Rain and storms kept us off the lake way more than we'd like, but that allowed for shopping for my wife and work time for me. During the worst of the rain yesterday we went to town and caught a matinee of The Hangover and loved it. Really funny.

I hate to turn around and leave, but duty calls. We got spoiled with being up here a full week a couple of weeks ago, and it feels like time went by way too fast. Regardless, it was a really nice anniversary and a great way for the two of us to spend some time together. Here's looking forward to doing it again next year (hopefully with better weather and more fish!)


  1. Hey Uncle Mikey--

    Mom and I are looking at this and we love it!

    I love your politics and I look forward to sharing this with my online media professor (esta bien?)!!!


  2. Mags,

    Thanks for the note - please come back and visit me often. I have a lot rolling around in this little head of mine :-)


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