Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daily Puntometer

Our gutty hometown nine have peeled off 5 wins in a row to get themselves back to .500, and back into the mix in the Central race at only 4 games behind Detroit. Also during this time, you'll note that there have been no updates for our hero, and that's because Nicky has had nary an at-bat during this streak.

Hmmm. A five game winning streak, and five consecutive games without an at-bat by Nick Punto. A correlation? That, dear reader, is something I'll leave to you to decide.

The schedule is very friendly to the Twins down the stretch, with 6 games left with the hapless Indians and Royals each, plus two three game series against league-leading Detroit. Being four games back, it is an uphill battle, but statistically, they have a legitimate shot.

Hopefully Gardy is taking recent performance into account as he's filling out the line up card. We'll see...

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