Monday, June 29, 2009

Remembering Morning in America

As I was evaluating the ad portfolio of a prospective agency, they offered the following as a "classic work" of theirs.Listening to the tone of this ad and what it inspires made me pine for a simpler time. Consider:

  • Its focus on the positive
  • Its optimistic outlook
  • Its unapologetic patriotism

I guess part of the reason for this ad's pull on me is the fond memories it invokes - it was originally released while I was in college, and when my entire life was ahead of me. I was as optimistic as that ad, and I couldn't wait for what the future would bring.

Times are different now. Tones more shrill. Things moving in an entirely different direction economically. Pessimism reigns.

One can argue about the relative merits of different administrations, but regardless of politics, hopefully the tone and the message contained in the ad invoked some fond memories in you as well.

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