Sunday, June 28, 2009

Minnesota Summer Saturday

I spent a great day here in Minnesota. I started out by heading up to the duck camp in Glenwood where I met with two of my partners, Greg and Kent. I admired some of the handiwork that Web, Ben and I put together a couple of weeks ago in rearranging the pole barn, and this photo shows off our work. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we indeed have too many decoys.

We then made the quick trip to my buddy Don's open house over at his Kruger Farms outfit in Starbuck, MN. He does guided hunts for high dollar clients - mostly for whitetail deer, but also does pheasant and waterfowl. He launched this business a number of years ago, and has been acquiring land in the area and restoring it for habitat ever since. He's also developed a incredible hunt club that is a conversion of a old farm house. As Greg, Kent, and I walked through the house, it became clear that the person that designed it was the same one that designed our house. The similarities were incredible. Beyond the design, there are vast differences between our two places - Don gutted and completely replaced the inside, spending over $300,000 in the process. Us? Let's just say we've kept ours a little more "rustic."

After leaving, I took the long way back and got this incredible shot of Glenwood and Lake Minnewaska. It is so beautiful here in central Minnesota right now - everything is green, the pheasant chicks are out with their mommas, the farm fields are lush, and the corn will have no problem reaching "knee high by the 4th of July." It was a nice drive in the country on a beautiful summer day.

Upon arriving home, our neighbors called and asked if we wanted to join them on their boat for a cruise around Lake Waconia. Sounded like a perfect end to the day. Here's a quick glimpse of what the trip was like:

Here is Capt. Jon, Melanie, and Vera with a beautiful sunset.

As the sun set, the wind came up without warning, going from about 10 MPH to well over 30 in the span of a couple of minutes. With no discernable front, we were caught unaware and on the wrong side of the lake. We were instantly in rollers, some over 4 feet and breaking over the bow of the boat. Luckily the water was very warm and the boat very safe, so we were in no danger, but it was amazing to me to see how quickly things could change, and without any kind of warning. I was really glad we weren't on a bigger body of water.

Overall, it was a beautiful summer day here in Minnesota - the kind of day that makes the suffering the we endure in February all worth it.

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