Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day with Pat Buddy

I stopped up the the Wellstead today to wish Dad a happy Father's Day. Mom was already up there, and I made her pose for a picture. She didn't want to because she said "you'll put it on your blog."Now, Mom, would I go and do something like that?

We started out with some nice cake for the day, which Dad thoroughly enjoyed. As usual, he made short work of it, and had a cup of coffee to wash it down. After cake we went out into the courtyard for a game of catch. After a while, we took the following video where Pat talks about his grandkids:

We had a really nice afternoon!

As we finished up our visit, Mom and Dad walked me out to the car. Dad was talking pretty good, and I wanted to get it on film. As you'll see, I guess I should have been watching where I was walking.

I think it must be some cosmic pay-back for posting my Mom's picture on the blog when she asked me not to...

Happy Father's Day, everybody!

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