Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Too Quick Visit

With business to do in DC, I attempted to mix in some family time with my brother and his clan down in Charlottesville. Thanks to a conspiracy between the weather, Delta airlines, Hertz, and the horrific DC traffic, I arrived too late and missed seeing the kids before their bedtime. I was able to spend some decent guy time with Kev (in between work), and we ended the evening watching Charles Barkley nearly dislocate his shoulder while swinging a golf club.

Thankfully, I was able to see Coley in the morning. He was tired and shy, so I'll have to wait until later this year for a big bear hug. Sammy was sick, and I never got to see her at all.

I got to see Kev's renown wine cellar, and my photo totally does not do it justice. Its lighting is impeccable and creates an incredible space. If it weren't for me giving up the schweel for lent, I'm sure we would have hung out there, talking baseball, politics, and wine, well into the evening. Maybe next time.

Hopefully we land our business in DC, and I get to return some time when there's not such a rush (and I'm NOT on the wagon...)

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