Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have no idea if this is real or not. It is being touted as being "leaked" by the Humane Society of the United States. It may be a really good voice impersonator. It could be real. While the sentiments espoused by the speaker against dog fighting are something upon which all can agree, the Humane Society of the United States is not your local animal shelter. They have absolutely nothing to do with your local animal shelter. This is a radical animal rights organization that has brilliantly wrapped itself in a very universally appealing brand. I have personally fought these people in my job and I have personally fought these people at our state capitol. They are a well-funded and well-organized anti-hunting organization.

These hypocrites fail to recognize that it is sportsmen, through their license fees, conservation groups, and the aggregate effect of land stewards everywhere have literally saved millions of acres of habitat, which has resulted in the saving of countless numbers of individual numbers of animals, let alone entire species. They also fail to recognize that the world has changed, and without the responsible harvest of some species, their unchecked population growth would doom them to disease and horrific deaths. Don't believe me? Ever driven in the woods during the whitetail rut? How about that flock of Canada geese (a species nearly endangered in the 1960's and 70's and a conservation success story) that brought a jet to land in the Hudson? With no true predators anymore, those two species already wreak havoc to themselves and to us despite being hunted. But that doesn't fit within the HSUS' world view, where the only animals they know are either their pets or a Disney character. And it sure doesn't make for a reasoned sound bite.

Which takes us back to Limbaugh. I've personally listened to Rush on and off since the first Gulf War. He's bombastic, a blowhard, biting, and brilliant, all at different times. His was a lone voice for more than a decade, and he still posts numbers that are the envy of broadcasting. But if this sound bite truly is him, he's taken a side with an organization that is firmly against some things that I hold dear. As stated earlier, I've personally fought these people at their upper echelons. Theirs is an inherently wrong organization. If this is indeed Limbaugh, then I'm forced to join my liberal brethren in becoming yet another unhinged Rush hater.

I assume that there's still room on that bus...


This is confirmed as real. HSUS has the release on their site. I'd link to it, but there is no way I'm giving them the satisfaction. Google it if you need the confirmation.


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