Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Saturday, Pat Buddy

I spent the morning at the Wellstead seeing Dad this morning. It was a beautiful drive up - all of the lakes are now free of ice, the birds are in full courting mode, and the roads were filled with bikers, runners and walkers.

I arrived ahead of lunch, so I hung out with Dad while he ate. He hasn't lost his appetite in the least, and took care of lunch in short order. As he was eyeballing his neighbor's rhubarb crisp, I thought it best to get outside and have a little walk.

We headed to the courtyard to enjoy some sun and have a catch. I cannot believe how good Dad's coordination is with regard to throwing and catching. Not only is he good considering his condition, but I'd put him up against peers in his age group and in perfect health. Every throw to me was right at my chest, just like he taught me.

Unfortunately, the outdoor furniture still has not been set out, so we weren't out there too long, but we had a nice catch and some laughs. The laugh of the day was regarding the milk Dad's holding. I was standing next to him, and he took a sip and then looked down into the glass with a disappointed look on his face. I said "Boy, there's nothing good in there is there?" and he replied with a very appropriate and heartfelt "Uh-uh!" As a guy that's been on the wagon for Lent, I know whereof he speaks.

Vera sent me up there with a small chocolate bunny, so I got him situated in his nice new chair, turned on the Golf Channel's Masters coverage, and watched him kind of struggle with the bunny. The treat was somewhat of an odd one, as it had jellybeans and a chocolate basket attached, so it didn't look to Dad like something to eat. After breaking off an ear and getting him to eat that, all hesitation was gone.

The bunny had no chance. At least it was quick.


  1. Thanks Mike for the picture of your Dad. It means a lot to me to just see him know and then. You are right about his reaction time on playing catch. I did the same thing with him and his ability to move left or right was great.

    I truly enjoy your blog--Many thanks Uncle J

  2. Mike,
    Sounds like you had a great visit! Something to remember many years down the road.



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